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Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x,VCS-322 by key4pass

Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x (VCS-322)

Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x (VCS-322)

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Exam Code : VCS-322
Exam Name : Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x
Version : Demo
Question No: 1
What are two capabilities of enabling Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange for Outlook Web
Access/App (OWA) users? (Select two.)
A. enables remote access via OWA with Safari browser
B. provides remote access to multiple user archives
C. enables IMAP access for mobile devices
D. enables Virtual Vault for OWA users
E. enables Vault Cache for OWA users
Answer: A, B
Question No: 2
What are two benefits of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange? (Select two.)
A. it archives directly to tape
B. it facilitates faster backup of the messaging servers
C. it is unnecessary to backup Exchange when Journaling is enabled
D. it automatically duplicates archive data
E. it provides 0515 for archived email
Answer: B, E
Question No: 3
Which two key benefits are provided by Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x? (Select two.)
A. it natively archives all structured data
B. it archives unstructured data
C. it allows administrators to import PST files into the archive
D. it eliminates the need for backups
E. it eliminates the need for centralized information management
Answer: B, C
Question No: 4
Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange converts mail message attachments in order to ensure future
Which file format is used?
A .. dvs
B .. xml
C. .html
D .. tif
Answer: C
Question No: 5
How many document types can be converted by Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x indexing?
A. less than 100
B. approximately 200
C. approximately 400
D. more than 1000
Answer: C
Question No: 6
Which task requires the permissions of the Vault Service Account as a minimum in Veritas Enterprise
Vault 12.x?
A. managing and assigning custom roles
B. defining an Exchange Mailbox Archiving Policy
C. verifying connectivity to the SQL server
D. restarting the Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange services
Answer: A
Question No: 7
Which two components comprise the Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for Exchange Directory? (Select two.)
A. Directory Fingerprint database
B. Directory Service
C. Directory SQL database
D. Directory Administration Role
E. Directory Provisioning Task
Answer: B, C
Question No: 8
Which function is controlled by the Enterprise Vault Ad min Service?
A. managing access to databases for other Enterprise Vault components
B. defining which users' data is processed
C. warning if virtual memory is running low
D. managing the mail and file servers from which data is archived
Answer: C
Question No: 9
An administrator enables the Metadata Store in Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x .Which Enterprise Vault
components will be impacted by the change?
A. Enterprise Vault Index
B. Storage queue
C. MS SQL server and the space that the databases require
D. Vault Store size
Answer: C
Question No: 10
An organization uses three Exchange servers in a single domain and two Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x for
Exchange (EV) servers.
How many Provisioning tasks are required?
A. one per target domain
B. one per EV server
C. one per Exchange server
D. one per EV Directory
Answer: A
Question No: 11
An organization needs to use the Update Service Locations (USL) feature of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x
for Exchange (EV).
Which two physical EV resources must be remote to the EV servers for this feature to work seamlessly?
(Select two.)
A. SQL Server
B. Archiving targets
C. Index Server Groups
D. Vault Store Partitions
E. Message Queuing
Answer: A, D
Question No: 12
Of which security group must the Vault Service Account be a member?
A. the Application Administrators Group of the Enterprise Vault server
B. the Exchange Administrators Group on each Exchange server
C. the Local Administrators Group of the Enterprise Vault server
D. the Built-in Exchange Organization Administrators Group
Answer: C
Question No: 13
What is the Veritas recommended amount of memory required for Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x?
A. 8GB
B. 16GB
C. 32GB
D. 64GB
Answer: B
Question No: 14
Where is the Enterprise Vault system mailbox created?
A. on active members of a Database Availability Group only
B. on the Global Catalog server in the domain
C. on each target Exchange server in the domain
D. on the first Exchange server in the domain
Answer: C
Question No: 15
When a user is enabled for archiving, an e-mail is sent from the Enterprise Vault system mailbox. Which
permissions must be granted to the Vault Service Account for this feature to work properly?
A. Log on as a service
B. Receive As
C. Log on remotely
D. Send As
Answer: C
Question No: 16
Which two tasks must be performed after configuring the Outlook Web Access (OWA) Data Access
account? (Select two.)
A. Run the Provisioning task
B. Run the Exchange Mailbox Archiving task
C. Restart the Admin Service
D. Restart the Directory Service
E. Synchronize all mailboxes
Answer: C, E
Question No: 17
Which steps must an administrator take when moving the Vault Service Account Temp folder to another
A. create a new "WindowsTemp" DWORD key to HKey_Local_Machine >Software> WOW6432 > KVS >
Storage with a value of the new path
B. modify the path in the TEMP and TMP variables in the properties of My Computer> Advanced tab >
Environment Variables> User Variables
C. edit the Windows Temp Storage field inside the Enterprise Vault Site properties > Advanced tab >
D. add the new path to the Cache Location of the properties of the Enterprise Vault server > Cache tab
Answer: B
Question No: 18
An administrator needs to remove an Index Server from an Index Server Group and place it in another
When can this process be completed?
A. during the processing time of the Index Administration task
B. before archived items have been indexed
C. when the Indexing Service is stopped
D. after indexes have been put into Backup mode
Answer: B
Question No: 19
Which step(s) are necessary to install Message Queuing (MSMQ) in preparation for configuring a
Windows cluster?
A. use Computer Manager to manually move c:\windows\system32\msmq to a shared cluster disk
B. use the Windows Failover Cluster Manager to add the Message Queuing resource; in the properties
add the MSMQ disk to the resource list
C. use the Component Services snap-in to manually move c:\windows\system32\msmq to a shared
cluster disk resource
D. use the Windows Failover Cluster Manager to add the MSMQ resource; add
c:\windows\system32\msmq to the resource list and convert it to a shared disk
Answer: B
Question No: 20
Which two customer scenarios are likely to result in multiple Enterprise Vault (EV) directories? (Select
A. separate active directory domains with bi-directional trusts
B. security or administrative boundaries between different groups of the organization
C. different retention policy requirements between different departments in the business
D. different single instance requirements for different departments in the business
E. very slow connectivity between archiving targets and EV servers in different data centers
Answer: B, E

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