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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy & Security Policies 

We are committed to safeguarding your privacy throughout the whole process when shopping at our site. We collect only essential customer information such as your mailing address, phone number, email address, vision data and credit card information. The contact information is only used to get in touch with you when necessary. All vision data and credit card information are used only to bill you for the products and services that you select. We respect your privacy and we do not and will not willingly share the information you provide us with outside companies or organizations.

How can we protect your privacy? 

User E-mail and Password 

You are required to fill in your e-mail address and password when you register with us. The only one thing that matters when you log in is your password. If you forget your password, you may lose your account and your personal identification information. 

You can contact us or use the links for password missing to get your password back. 

We  hold no responsibility for the damage caused by a missing password which is due to individual mistakes or improper use of the login area.

Enjoy Membership Price

Receive the information of Sales Promotions from us  periodically. 

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Proclaim and Share the Information

We will never give, sell, rent or share our user's personal information with the third party unless following circumstances as exceptions:

When we are allowed to share the information with the third party by our clients. 

Whenever, without sharing your personal information, the products and services you need/require will not be possible to offer.

When, the third party, the surrogate of us  and we offer services together. (After the service, the third party is forbidden to read all the data which is available before the service included.) 

We find out that you disobey the service terms of I Tech Solutions  or rules of other products and services.

The Revision of the Privacy Policy

We improve our privacy and policy continuously so as to provide better service to our customers. With the expansion of our service area, we will update the privacy policy whenever there is something new.