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Exam Code : PMI-ACP
Exam Name : PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
Version : Demo
Question No : 1
Retrospectives provide an opportunity for the team to:
A. Reflect at the end of every iteration and identify improvements that will increase the quality of the product.
B. Participate in a mandatory meeting to share status updates across the team and to ensure that everyone is on track.
C. Understand from the management if the project is achieving the Scope, Quality, Cost, and Schedule goals.
D. Set goals at the beginning of the iteration and identify requirements that can be delivered in that iteration.
Answer: A
Question No : 2
When interacting with team members, the Agile project manager should:
A. Ask team members to do things by phrasing the statement as a request rather than as a demand.
B. Ignore team member input and emotions when important decisions have to be made.
C. Proceed cautiously when requesting team members to do something likely to make them unhappy.
D. Disagree with the team based on the merit of the issue without considering how the team is feeling. Answer: A
Question No : 3 An organization adopts Agile practices and implements an incremental delivery strategy. If implemented correctly, the company should recognize improved:
A. procurement processes by requiring vendors to ship materials as needed.
B. project cost management by making incremental payments on contracts.
C. customer satisfaction by specifying project shipping dates in the contract.
D. project Return on Investment (ROI) by releasing individual features to market.
Answer: D
Question No : 4 Based on the following figure, during Iteration 5, there was an increase in story point value (shown on the graph); however, the team completed all of the work it promised to deliver in the iteration and existing estimates were not changed. From this information, one can infer that:
A. Work was removed from the Product Backlog.
B. Work was added to the ProductBacklog.
C. The team's velocity increased.
D. The team's velocity decreased. Answer: B
Question No : 5 What is used to provide a simple medium for gathering basic information about stories, recording high-level requirements, developing work estimates, and defining acceptance tests?
A. Story card
B. Burn down chart
C. Retrospective
D. Storyboard Answer: A
Question No : 6 A company is starting to introduce Agile practices, and the project manager has been asked to identify how to introduce the new process. The project manager’s initial plan should be to:
A. Institute daily standup meeting simmediately.
B. Communicate the Agile Manifesto to the team.
C. Balance teaching principles with Agile practices.
D. Rate the team’s progress in learning new methods. Answer: C
Question No : 7 Which of the seven principles of software development is best intended to solve the problem of inventories causing hidden errors in the process?
A. Fast-Flexible-Flow
B. Optimize the Whole
C. Deliver Early and Often
D. Eliminate Waste Answer: D
Question No : 8
Refactoring, as it applies to the practice of extreme Programming (XP), refers to:
A. Restructuring the estimate by applying a higher cost performance index during what if analysis.
B. Modifying the project due to scope changes, resource availability, and cost and schedule variances.
C. Modifying the cost baseline due to an increased estimate at completion and a negative cost variance.
D. Restructuring of code so as to improve the code without changing its external behavior. Answer: D
Question No : 9
The smallest amount of functionality that delivers customer value is best described as a:
A. Function point analysis.
B. Right sized story.
C. Minimum marketable feature.
D. User story map. Answer: C
Question No : 10
A development team has finished identifying the tasks they will be accountable for during the next sprint.
Which of the following tools best provides transparency into the progress throughout the sprint?
A. Burn down chart
B. Gantt chart
C. Hours expended chart
D. Management baseline chart Answer: A
Question No : 11
For the best results in an Agile project, customers should:
A. set priorities and identify product features.
B. interview new team members for fit.
C. approve development plans and tasks.
D. set sprint and releaseschedules. Answer: A
Question No : 12
What is the responsibility of an extreme Programming (XP) customer role?
A. Testing the daily increments of the software developed
B. Writing the stories and acceptance tests for each story
C. Planning and task allocation for the developer and tester
D. Interacting closely with users and representing the XPteam Answer: B
Question No : 13
The advantage of face-to-face collaboration emphasized in eXtreme Programming (XP) is that it:
A. allows team members to use common language in their design and code.
B. delays feedback much more than scheduled inspections.
C. eliminates communication delays and misunderstandings.
D. allows team members to correct some mistakes on the fly. Answer: C
Question No : 14
When is the ideal time to hold a retrospective?
A. Right after iterationplanning
B. Just before iterationplanning
C. At the start of the next release
D. During the iteration review/demo Answer: B
Question No : 15 Which are some of the most important benefits of an Agile team sitting together in a co-located, open environment?
A. Osmotic communication is reduced; space is used more efficiently; groups work together more effectively, and team dynamics are improved.
B. Costs are reduced as the need for conference rooms decreases, and the team can keep track of where members are more accurately.
C. Team members can be held more accountable for their time and effort, and pair programming is easier as people have less distance to move to sit with their partner.
D. Communication is improved; wait-time and rework are reduced; barriers between groups break down, and groups gain respect for each other professionally.
Answer: D

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