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Architecting HPE Server Solutions,HPE0-S46 by key4pass

Architecting HPE Server Solutions (HPE0-S46)

Architecting HPE Server Solutions (HPE0-S46)

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Exam Code : HPE0-S46
Exam Name : Architecting HPE Server Solutions
Version : Demo
Question No: 1
An architect has designed an HPE BladeSystem with Flex-10D Virtual Connect that connects to HPE 5830 switches The architect needs to ensure that the solution simplifies the customers campus Ethernet.
Which additional HPE technology should the architect recommend to the customer?
A. Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
B. Shortest Path Bridge Mac in Mac (SPBM)
C. Fiber Channel over Ethernet(FCoE)
D. RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
Answer: C
Question No: 2
A customer needs to deploy SAP HANA The customer needs a scale-out solution to accommodate an increase m workload over the next two years
Which Proliant series should the architect recommend to the customer?
A. HPE Proliant 300
B. HPE Proliant 100
C. HPE Proliant BladeSystem
D. HPE Proliant 500
Answer: D
Question No: 3
An administrator is planning a Synergy 12000 frame deployment The administrator needs to configure the compute node types in the frame In the graphic of the Synergy Planning Tool, click the option that the administrator needs to use to
configure the compute nodes.

Which tool should an architect use to research the technical spec locations of various Smart Array
A. HPE Product Bulletin
B. SalesBuilder for Windows
C. Proposal Web
D. HPE iQuote
Answer: D
Question No: 4
A customer needs to improve the performance of a CPU intensive application running on an HPE Prolaint DL 360 Gen9 server with an Intel Xeon ES processors The architect proposes to add an Intel Phi coprocessor extensions to me server.
What should an architect verify to ensure the coprocessor will improve application performance?
A. that the application is able to work in a clustered environment
B. that the application is highly parallel and can scale to more than one hundred threads
C. that the server connected with a 40Gb/s network interface card
D. that the server has a minimum of 24GB ECC-capable RAM installed

Answer: C
Question No: 5
How does the HPE BladeSystem architecture meet the changing needs of data center customers?
A. introduction of Active Health System monitor
B. system management using HPE Virtual Connect modules
C. enables customers to shift investment from maintenance to innovation
D. consolidated deployment of firmware via HPE Agentless Management
Answer: A
Question No: 6
A customer has a Proliant DL based server solution The customer is experiencing high write latency with its virtual desktop infrastructure running on this solution
Which solution will increase the application performance and reduce the use of resources?
A. Upgrade the current processor to the ES-4800 vs processor
B. Add a PCle workload Accelerator
C. Migrate to PCle Solid State Drives
D. Upgrade memory to 2133 MHz DDR4
Answer: D
Question No: 7
A customer has acquired another company with a large install base of HPE Blade System servers with Virtual Connect managed by HPE OneView The customer needs the ability to easily record its new assets in its configuration management database (CMDB)
When approach should the architect recommend to the customer?
A. Use VCEM to create a customized report to find all blade servers and use the results for import into the CMDB
B. Back up the HPE OneView appliance database and use the bulk copy capability of the CMDB to insert
the records
C. Use the REST API to retrieve a list of server resources and their properties from the HPE OneView appliance for import into the CMDB
D. Use ILO Federation groups and select the multi-system view to gather the hardware types and serial numbers of each server m the group for import into the CMDB
Answer: A
Question No: 8
What is a frame requirement for the HPE Synergy Image Streamer?
A. redundant Master modules in each frame
B. a minimum of three Synergy frames
C. fully populated Synergy compute modules in each frame
D. a single Composer in each Synergy frame
Answer: C
Question No: 9
Which server technology will enable increased throughput, tower latency, and lower CPU utilization across the servers?
A. lnfiniBand
B. virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN)
C. TCP/IP Offload Engine
Answer: B
Question No: 10
A customer needs to manage contract, warranty, and HPE Care Pack information for its server and storage infrastructure from a single location The customer also needs proactive expiration
notifications for these contracts
Which HPE tool should the architect recommend?
A. HPE Insight Online
B. HPE System Management Homepage
C. HPE insight Display
D. HPE Smart update Manager
Answer: C

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