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Building HPE Server Solutions,HPE0-S37 by key4pass

Building HPE Server Solutions (HPE0-S37)

Building HPE Server Solutions (HPE0-S37)

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Exam Code : HPE0-S37
Exam Name: Building HPE Server Solutions

Question 1
Which methods can an administrator implement to provide higher security within a management
network? (Select two.)
B. community stnngs
D. isolated VLAN
E. port mirroring
Answer: AB
Question 2
A customer is considering the DL330 Gen9 as the platorm standard tor Its VSAN cluster. The confguraaon
will use 24 drives. Each 8-drive cage will contain 1 SSD and 7 SATA drives.
Winch array controller should the architect recommend for this confguraaon?
A. HPE Dynamic Smart Array B3140i controller
B. HPE Smart Array P840 controller
C. HPE SAS Expander
D. HPE Flexible Smart Array P440ar controller
Answer: D
Question 3
A system administrator is concerned about a high number of visitors connecang to a company's network
in addiaon to the producaon network trafci the network infrastructure is used for the systems
management trafc to the company's servers.
What should the administrator do to separate trafc?
A. implement dynamic rouang using the Open Shortest Path First (OSPL) protocol
B. Split the trafc using me Virtual Local Area Networks (VI AN)
C. Create mulaple Spanning Tree Protocol (SIP) instances to carry diferent types of trafc
D. Change the priority of the trafc using the Quality of Service (QoS) feature.
Answer: D
Question 4
A customers database is slow to respondi and the customer needs response ames to of dramaacally
increased. Which soluaon should the architect recommend to achieve this result?
A. install a new disk drive and make it a hot spare
Page No | 3
B. install a workload accelerator
C. Use IPv6 protocol instead of IPv4
D. install a redundant power supply to opamiie load balancing
Answer: B
Question 5
What is a feature of HPE Onboard Administrator?
A. deploys a vanity of operaang systems including Windows and Linux
B. reports blade server errors directly to HPE to quickly resolve problems
C. performs iniaal confguraaon steps of the enclosure
D. uses the UID to idenafy the enclosure
Answer: B
Question 6
A customer selects the HPE c7000 with redundant FlexFabric-20:40 F8 Virtual connect modules for a
private project. For the server platormi the customer plans to use the ProLiant BL460 Gen9 with the
FlexFabric adapters installed.
How many FlexNICs will be available per 20Gb port for the customer’s cloud services?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8
Answer: B
Question 7
A customer needs to eliminate thermal imbalance in its new data center. Which soluaon should the
architect recommended to the customer?
A. any HPE iPDU
B. HPE Intelligent Network racks
C. HPE Rack Air Duck Kit
D. any Intelligent Series rack
Answer: D

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