Integrating HP ProLiant Server Solutions (HP0-S44)

Integrating HP ProLiant Server Solutions (HP0-S44)

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Exam Code : HP0-S44
Exam Name : Integrating HP ProLiant Server Solutions
Version : Demo
Question No : 1
An integrator needs to incorporate HP Insight Remote Support and HP Systems Insight Manager. The integrator first installs HP Insight Remote Support on a hosting device and then installs HP SIM on the same device However, the two solutions do not start sharing device information. What does the integrator need to do to enable this sharing?
A. Integrate both solutions with HP OneView.
B. Manually install the HP SIM adapter through the Insight Remote Support console.
C. Power down the hosting device and reboot it after five minutes.
D. Obtain an HP SIM integration license and install it on the insight Remote Support console.
Answer: D
Question No : 2
How does Secure Boot protect against unauthorized operating systems and malware attacks?
A. by validating the Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol passphrase
B. by integrating with different authentication systems, including Kerberos and Active Directory
C. by validating that the system only runs digitally signed option ROMs and operating system boot loaders
D. by integrating with REST API callouts that perform bootloaders encryption
Answer: C
Question No : 3
What are two advantages of UEFI when compared to legacy BIOS'? (Select two.)
A. it provides enhanced memory performance
B. it provides enhanced security with support for Secure Boot
C. it enables booting from hard drives larger than 2.2TB
D. it provides IPv4 PXE boot support only
E. it provides customers the ability to create vPars
Answer: B,C
Question No : 4
Server administrators are choosing between HP Intelligent Provisioning and HP Insight Control server provisioning (ICsp) for installing operating systems (OS) on servers. Which difference between the tools should affect their decision?
A. HP Intelligent Provisioning is not available on Gen9 servers; ICsp is available on Gen9 servers.
B. HP Intelligent Provisioning requires servers to have network connectivity before the installation, ICsp does not have this requirement.
C. HP Intelligent Provisioning supports only Windows OS installation, ICsp supports Windows, VMware ESXi, and Linux OS.
D. HP Intelligent Provisioning installs an OS on an individual server, HP ICsp can deploy OS to multiple servers.
Answer: D
Question No : 5
A customer Is using an HP ProLiant BL460c Gen9 Server with HP FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 650FLB and an HP c7000 BladeSystem Enclosure with Virtual Connect FlexFabric 20/40 F8 interconnect modules in bays 1 and 2. The integrator is configuring networks and server profiles in HP OneView and needs to attach a server blade to a VLAN 51. The integrator will tag proper ports on appropriate switches to take VLAN 51 to the enclosure.
Which configuration will bring high-availability and fault tolerance against a server port and uplink port failures for VLAN 51?
A. Network: Production_51 (VLAN ID 51) connected to uplink port Q1.1 on both interconnect modules through single uplink set.
Server profile:
Connection ID 1 and 2 set to Production_51 network, port set to Auto
B. Network: Production_51 (VLAN ID 51) connected to uplink ports Q1.1, Q1.2, Q1.3 and Q1.4 on both modules through a single uplink set.
Server profile:
Connection ID 1 and 2 set to Production_5l network, ports set to FiexibleLOM 1 1-a and FlexibleLOM 1:1-c.
C. Network: Production_51 (VLAN ID 51) connected to uplink ports Q1.1, Q1.2, Q1.3 and Q1.4 on interconnect module 1 through a single uplink set
Server profile:
Connection ID 1 and 2 set to Production_51 network and port set to Auto.
D. Two networks: Production_51_L (VLAN ID 51) connected to uplink ports Q1.1, Q1.2 Q1.3 and Q1.4 on interconnect module 1 through first uplink set. Production_51_R (VLAN ID 51) connected to uplink ports Q1.1, Q1.2, Q1.3 and Q1.4 on interconnect module 2 through second uplink set.
Server profile:
Connection ID 1 set to Production_51 J_ network, port set to FlexibleLOM 1:1-a. Connection ID 2 set to Production_51_R network, port set to FlexibleLOM 1:1 -c.
Answer: D
Question No : 6
An integrator is troubleshooting a problem with an HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port module in an HP c7000 BladeSystem Enclosure that is managed by HP OneView.
How should the integrator collect logs from the HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric module to provide to HP Technical Support?
A. Create Virtual Connect support dump from Virtual Connect Manager (VCM)
B. Run the report command from Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU)
C. Create logical interconnect support dump from HP OneView.
D. Create appliance support dump from HP OneView.
Answer: C

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