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Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert - Replication solutions implementation

Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert - Replication solutions implementation (HH0-500)

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Exam Code : HH0-500
Exam Name : Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert - Replication solutions implementation
Version : Demo
Question: 1
Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) coordinates activities of three components to protect mission critical databases, file systems, and application data when used with HiCommand Protection Manager (HPtM) software. What are the three components? (Choose three.)
A. MS Exchange VSS writer.
B. MS Exchange VSS reader.
C. MS Exchange VSS provider.
D. Protection Manager VSS requestor.
E. Raid Manager Shadow Copy provider.
Answer: A,D,E
Question: 2
Which statement is true about HiCommand Tiered Storage Manager?
A. It works as a migration controller.
B. It moves the LDEV number before copying data.
C. Migration using Tiered Storage Manager is disruptive to the continuance of a business.
D. Tiered Storage Manager focuses on short term improvements of a storage system's performance.
Answer: A
Question: 3
A customer wants to use TrueCopy Asynchronous to copy databases to a data center 200km away from the primary site. The applications for these databases have very severe SLAs. Which two factors must be considered? (Choose two.)
A. All data volumes must be controlled by a file system.
B. All data volumes in the target storage unit must be offline.
C. All data volumes in the database must be in the same Consistency Group.
D. All data volumes in the database must be on the same type of RAID to ensure good performance.
Answer: B,C
Question: 4
A customer has implemented a Disaster Recovery solution which involves replicating his data over 100km with TrueCopy Synchronous. Which two describe the customer's reasons for doing this? (Choose two.)
A. There must be an exact copy of the data at all times.
B. The customer needs a cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution.
C. The customer's auditors have dictated this for regulatory reasons.
D. The customer's auditors need exact copies of the data to check consistency.
Answer: A,C
Question: 5
The Hitachi Storage Cluster (HSC) with Windows 2003 uses which method to prevent "Split Brain Syndrome"?
A. majority node sets
B. shared quorum disk
C. extended SAN with multiple quorum disks
D. -quorum parameter for horctakeover
Answer: A
Question: 6
You are working on a Business Continuity plan for one of your customers. The customer states, "This business process is very important for us so we cannot afford any data loss. However we can tolerate three hours to recover." Which two statements correctly reflect the business process requirements? (Choose two.)
A. The business recovery time objective is zero.
B. The business recovery time objective is three hours.
C. The business process recovery point objective is zero.
D. The business process recovery point objective is three hours.
Answer: B,C
Question: 7
Your customer's business critical applications are backed up every night. The backup starts at 7:00 PM and finishes at 7:00 AM the next morning. The RPO and RTO take about two hours. The customer's focus and threat sources have changed making immediate application availability a requirement. When an update to the Business Continuity plan was recently completed, the backup was ruled out as a proper solution. Which solution will satisfy the customer's new requirements?
A. electronic tape vaulting
B. synchronous remote disk copy
C. asynchronous remote disk copy
D. synchronous remote disk copy with extended server clustering
Answer: D
Question: 8
A customer uses ShadowImage to create a copy of an online UNIX database so that it can be mounted and started on another server for testing purposes. Which two should be scripted on the recovery server prior to resynchronizing the ShadowImage pairs to ensure any volume manager changes are reflected on the recovery server after the next ShadowImage suspend? (Choose two.)
A. unmount filesystem(s)
B. deport/export disk group(s)
C. SCSI inquiry to discover device(s)
D. perform fsck on the filesystem(s)
Answer: A,B
Question: 9
A customer has set up an Hitachi Storage Cluster (HSC) for Microsoft Environments called "SQLclus". The name of the Generic Script resource is "hscscript". The name of the resource that is dependent on hscscript is called "MSSQLlun" In which two files do you find the name of the CCI device group? (Choose two.)
A. horcm.conf
B. SQLclus.conf
C. MSSQLlun.conf
D. hscscript.conf
Answer: A,D
Question: 10
An Hitachi Data Systems customer is implementing a TrueCopy Extended Distance solution on an Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) system. Which configuration is supported?
A. TrueCopy Extended Distance with 20 Consistency Groups.
B. TrueCopy Extended Distance Consistency Group pairs in parallel to TrueCopy Synchronous pairs.
C. TrueCopy Extended Distance Consistency Group with a ShadowImage copy taken from the SVOL.
D. Two or more TrueCopy Extended Distance Consistency Groups defined with opposite copy direction.
Answer: D

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