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Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional - Storage administration

Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional - Storage administration (HAT-680)

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Exam Code : HAT-680
Exam Name : Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional - Storage administration
Version : Demo
Question No : 1
Which two statements regarding the Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Least I/O and Least Block algorithms are true? (Choose two.)
A. The Least I/O and Least Block algorithms redirect the I/Os to a single path determined by the algorithms. B. The Least I/O and Least Block algorithms redirect the I/Os to a pair of paths determined by the algorithms.
C. The Extended Least I/O and Extended Least Block algorithms distribute sequential I/Os to a set of paths and random I/Os to another set of paths.
D. The Extended Least I/O and Extended Least Block algorithms distribute I/Os to paths depending on whether the I/O involves sequential or random access.
Answer: A,D
Question No : 2
You use Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to manage your VSP and HUS storage systems. Within the HDvM GUI, in which two locations would you perform storage allocation tasks? (Choose two.)
A. Resources
B. Administration
C. Logical Groups
D. Tasks Answer: A,C
Question No : 3
The storage administrator of a VSP must create an LDEV using Hitachi Device Manager. The VSP has already been selected in the Subsystems screen. Which option is available from the General Task menu to perform this task?
A. Create LDEV
B. Create Volumes
C. Allocate Storage
D. Storage Navigator Answer: B
Question No : 4
A storage administrator wants to provision storage from a VSP to a Windows 2008 host using Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM). Which two tasks must be completed first? (Choose two.)
A. Create a host group for the host on the VSP.
B. Add the host to HDvM.
C. Add the storage system to HDvM.
D. Add the storage to a logical group in HDvM.
Answer: B,C
Question No : 5
Which two Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) features address challenges associated with high availability and single point failures? (Choose two.)
A. HDLM provides failover protection by switching to a good path if a path fails.
B. HDLM monitors the paths of multiple hosts and redirects I/Os to the least busy path if a path fails.
C. HDLM can automatically set a failed path back online if it becomes available.
D. HDLM provides error correction algorithms that help recover data transmission errors caused by path failures.
Answer: A,C
Question No : 6
You are installing Hitachi Device Manager and need to verify the existence of the two pre-defined user profiles. Which two are they? (Choose two.)
A. administrator
B. ha user
C. root
D. system
Answer: B,D
Question No : 7
A storage manager recently implemented a Hitachi Device Manager environment to manage their storage system and observed that during the software installation process a user group was automatically created.
What is the name of this group?
A. Group Resource
B. Resource Group 1
C. All Resources
D. Admin Group
Answer: C
Question No : 8
A storage manager needs to add a new server to the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) database. As an
alternative to running a host scan, which two actions are available to discover and identify the new server? (Choose two.)
A. Use the Host Data Collector.
B. Install HDvM Agent on the host.
C. Execute the AddNewHost CLI command.
D. Run the Import Hosts utility. Answer: A,B
Question No : 9
A user reports that a host running Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) has lost a number of paths to the LUNs it is using. The host still has access to all the LUNs. When troubleshooting, what should you do?
A. Set all paths offline and then online again.
B. Check the output of the "dlnkmgr view" command in HDLM.
C. Reboot the host.
D. Execute the "dlnkmgr online" command in HDLM. Answer: B
Question No : 10
Using Hitachi Device Manager, a customer needs to see all required information on a display but the screen layout is difficult to read. They do not need to see the volume labels. What should the customer do?
A. Access More Actions and choose Hide Labels.
B. Access Column Settings and deselect Labels.
C. Edit the ShowLabels parameter in the server.properties file and restart the HiCommandServer service.
D. Ask for the user profile to be changed to disallow labels.
Answer: B
Question No : 11
Your customer complains that they cannot display host information for a certain host within Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM). Other hosts are accessible. What should you verify?
A. the customer's access permissions
B. the HGLM license capacity
C. the status of the Common Component service
D. the disk space on the HGLM server
Answer: A

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