Dell PS Series Storage Professional (DSDPS-200)

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Exam Code : DSDPS-200
Exam Name : Dell PS Series Storage Professional
Version : Demo
Question No: 1
A Group Manager sees only one connection for a volume connected to a 2012 host that runs two iSCSI NICs. What are three possible causes of this problem? (Choose three.)
A. The second iSCSI NIC does NOT have flow control enabled.
B. The second iSCSI NIC does NOT have Jumbo Frames enabled.
C. Multi-pathing was NOT applied on the initial connection.
D. Access control is set up for a single IP.
E. The second NIC does NOT have cable connected .
Answer: B,C,D
Question No: 2
An engineer is creating snapshot schedules for a volume to protect against data corruption.
Snapshots must be taken both hourly and nightly. Each schedule is configured for a max keep of 10.
Snapshot borrowing is enabled. The default snapshot schedule has NOT been disabled.
What should be the expected max number of snapshots for this volume?
A. 20
B. 21
D. 2
Answer: A
Question No: 3
An engineer needs to migrate a volume from a live production pool to a newly created pool, but is unable to do so.
What must the engineer do before the migration can start?
A. Offline the volume before migrating.
B. Disconnect active iSCSI sessions to the volume
C. Disable encryption on the group
D. Add or move a member to the new pool.
Answer: D
Question No: 4
A customer reports that a problematic array is acting up. The customer is able to open SAN HQ and provide a SAN HQ archive, but is unable to get to the Group manager GUI to initiate a diag log pull.
The customer tries to use the Group IP address via FTP to retrieve previous diagnostic files, but that is also unsuccessful.
What other option should the customer use to retrieve logs?
A. SNMP transfer
B. Email delivery
C. Dump to console
D. Use HTTPS option
Answer: B
Question No: 5
Which four PC arrays support Vertical Port Failover? (Choose four.)
A. 6510
B. 5500
C. 6610
D. 6100
E. 4210
F. 6210
Answer: C,D,E,F
Question No: 6
A new storage administrator (SA) is configuring replication on a newly created 1 TB volume.Management determines that asynchronous replication will be used.
The SA looks at the delegated space on the DR group and determines that there is NOT enough room to fit the replica set for the new volume.
Which action should the SA take at the DR site so that the new volume can be replicated?
A. Increase the delegated space.
B. Reduce the replica reserve on replicated volumes.
C. Reduce the volume by thin provisioning.
D. Increase the replica reserve on the new volume.
Answer: D

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