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Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Exam,9A0-395 by key4pass

Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Exam (9A0-395)

Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Exam (9A0-395)

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Exam Code : 9A0-395
Exam Name : Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Exam
Version : Demo
Question No: 1
Which of the following options in the Refine Edge dialog box is used to determine the size of the selection border in which edge refinement occurs?
A. Smart Radius
B. Radius
C. View Mode
D. Refine Radius tools
Answer: B
Question No: 2
Which of the following options in the Timeline panel hides section from the current-time indicator to the end of the layer?
A. Move Layer In Point To Current Time
B. Move Layer End Point To Current Time
C. Trim Layer Start To Current Time
D. Trim Layer End To Current Time
Answer: D
Question No: 3
While using the Layer Style dialog box, which of the following options is used to add a shadow that falls just inside the edges of the layer's content?
A. Outer Glow
B. Satin
C. Inner Shadow
D. Stroke
Answer: C
Question No: 4
You are working on an image in Photoshop CS6. You have created below shown background layer on the image and you want to apply a Smart filter on it. Which step will you choose to accomplish this task?
A. Select a Smart Object layer > choose a filter.
B. Choose Filter > Convert for Smart filters.
C. Select layer and choose Filter > Convert for Smart Filters.
D. In the Layers panel, double-click Filter Gallery.
Answer: C
Question No: 5
What is the purpose of Frequency in the Options bar while using the Magnetic Lasso tool?
A. To specify the rate at which the lasso sets fastening points
B. To specify a detection width
C. To specify the lasso's sensitivity to edges in the image
D. Used while working with a stylus tablet
Answer: A
Question No: 6
Which of the following buttons from the Layers Panel is used to create a mask that reveals the selection?
A. Add a Layer Style
B. Create a New Group
C. Create a New Layer
D. Add Layer Mask
Answer: D

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