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Exam : 1z0-997
Title : Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Architect Professional
Vendor : Oracle
Version : DEMO

NO.1 A retail company runs their online shopping platform entirely on Oracle cloud Infrastructure
(OCI). This is a 3-tier web application that Includes a Mbps Load Balancer. Virtual Machine Instances
for web and an Oracle DB Systems Virtual Machine Due to unprecedented growth, they noticed an
Increase in the Incoming traffic to their website and all users start getting 503 (Service Unavailable)
What is the potential problem in this scenario?
A. The Load Balancer health check status Indicates critical situation for half of the backend
B. You did not configure a Service Gateway to allow connection between web servers and load
C. The Traffic Management Policy is not set to load Balancer the traffic to the web servers.
D. The Database Is down hence users can not access the web site
E. All the web servers are too busy and not able to answer any request from users.
Answer: E
NO.2 A cost conscious fashions design company which sells bags, clothes, and other luxury items has
recently decided to more all of the their on-premises infrastructure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI),
One of their on-premises application is running on an NGINX server and the Oracle Database is
running in a 2 node Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) configuration.
Based on cost considerations, what is an effective mechanism to migrate the customer application to
OCI and set up regular automated backups?
A. Launch a Compute instance and run an NGINX Serve to host the application. Deploy a 2 node VM
DB Systems with Oracle RAC enabled Import the on premises database to OCI VM DB Systems using
data pump and then enable automatic backup- Also, enable Oracle Data Guard on the database
B. Launch a compute Instance and run an run an NGINX server to host the application Deploy a 2
node VM DB Systems with oracle RAC enabled import the on premises database to OCI VM DB
Systems using oracle Data Pump and then enable automatic backups.
C. Launch a compute Instance and run an NGINX server to host the application. Deploy Exadata
Quarter Rack, enable automatic backups and import the database using Oracle Data Pump.
D. Launch a compute Instance for both the NGINX application server and the database server. Attach
block volumes on the database server compute instance and enable backup policy to backup the
block volumes.
Answer: D
NO.3 An online Stock trading application is deployed to multiple Availability Domains in the us
phoenix-1 region.
Considering the high volume of transactions that the trading application handles, the company has
hired you to ensure that the data stored by the application available, and disaster resilient. In the
event of failure, the Recovery lime Objective (UK)) must be less than 2 hours to meet regulator
Which Disaster Recovery strategy should be used to achieve the RTO requirement In the event of
system failure?
A. Configure hourly block volumes backups through the Storage Gateway service.
B. Store hourly block volumes backup to NVMe device under a compute instance and generate a
custom Image every 5 minutes.
C. Configure hourly block volumes backups using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Command
Line Interface (CLI)
D. Configure your application to use synchronous master slave data replication between Availability
Answer: C
NO.4 You have an Oracle database system in a virtual cloud network (VCN) that needs to be
accessible on port 1521 from your on-premises network CIDR
You have the following configuration currently.
Virtual cloud network (VCD) is associated with a Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), and DRG has an
active IPSec connection with your on-premises data center.
Oracle database system is hosted in a private subnet
The private subnet route table has the following configuration
The private subnet route table has following configuration.
However, you are still unable to connect to the Oracle Database system.
Which action will resolve this issue?
Add an EGRESS rule in network security group as following.
Add a route rule in the private subnet route table as following.
Add an EGRESS rule in private subnet scurity list as following.
Add an EGRESS rule in private subnet security list as following.
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: B
NO.5 A company has an urgent requirement to migrate 300 TB of data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
(OCI) In two weeks. Their data center has been recently struck by a massive hurricane and the
building has been badly damaged, although still operational. They have a 100 Mbps Internet line but
the connection is Intermittent due to the damages caused to the electrical grid in this scenario, what
is the most effective service to use to migrate the data to OCI given the time constraints?
A. Upload the data to OCI using OCI Object Storage multipart upload tool.
B. Use multiple OCI Data Transfer Appliances to transfer data to OCI.
C. Setup a hybrid network by launching aIGbpsFastConnect virtual circuit between your data center
and OCI. Use OCI Object storage multipart upload tool to automate the migration of your data to OCI.
D. Storage Gateway to connect your data center and your VCN. Once the connection has been
established, upload all data to OCI.
E. Setup a OCI Storage Gateway to connect your data center and your VCN. Once the connection has
been established, upload all data to OCI using OCI Storage Gateway Cloud Sync tool.
Answer: B

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