Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Architect Associate

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Exam : 1z0-1072
Title : Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Architect Associate
Vendor : Oracle
Version : DEMO

NO.1 You have a shared file system between two web servers using File Storage Service (FSS) and
you were tasked to create a backup plan for this environment to protect the data placed into the
shared file system.
What is the recommended approach to create this backup using FSS features?
A. Use the rsync tool to send data from the shared volume to a block volume.
B. Implement a backup policy to execute a snapshot of the shared volume.
C. Compress the data that is in the shared volume and copy it into a different folder on the boot
volume disk.
D. Use the rsync tool to send data from the shared volume to a boot volume disk.
E. Implement a backup policy to copy data from the shared volume to object storage.
Answer: B
NO.2 You are the Solutions Architect of a large company and are tasked with migrating all your
services to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As part of this, you first design a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
with a public subnet and a private subnet. Then in order to provide Internet connectivity to the
instances in your private subnet, you create an Oracle Linux instance in your public subnet and
configure NAT on it. However, even after adding all related security list rules and routes in the Route
Table, your private subnet instances still cannot connect to the Internet.
Which action should you perform to enable Internet connectivity?
A. Restart the NAT instance.
B. Disable "Source and Destination Check" on the VNIC of your Linux instance.
C. Create a Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG) and route your private IP traffic to the DRG.
D. There is no way that a private subnet can connect to the Internet.
Answer: B
By default, every VNIC performs the source/destination check on its network traffic. The VNIC looks
at the source and destination listed in the header of each network packet. If the VNIC is not the
source or destination, then the packet is dropped.
If the VNIC needs to forward traffic (for example, if it needs to perform Network Address Translation
(NAT)), you must disable the source/destination check on the VNIC. For instructions, see To update
an existing VNIC. For information about the general scenario, see Using a Private IP as a Route Target.
NO.3 At the end of a terraform apply operation, what is the default output?
A. nothing by default
B. statistics about what was added, changed, and destroyed
C. the entire state file
D. statistics about what was added, changed, and destroyed, and the values of outputs
Answer: D
NO.4 You want an instance in your compartment to make API calls to other services within Oracle
Cloud Infrastructure without storing credentials in a configuration file.
What do you need to do?
A. Create appropriate matching rules in the Dynamic Group to create an Instance Principal.
B. No action is required. By default, all VM instances are created with an Instance Principal.
C. Instances cannot access services outside their compartment.
D. VM instances are treated as users. Create a user and assign the user to that VM instance.
Answer: A
NO.5 Which five are the required parameters to launch an instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?
(Choose five.)
A. instance shape
B. subnet
C. private IP address
D. image operating system
E. Virtual Cloud Network
F. host name
G. Availability Domain
Answer: A,B,D,E,G
NO.6 Which two options are true for Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database? (Choose
A. You can add more Pluggable Database for consolidating multiple databases in ATP
B. You can add new ORACLE_HOME for bringing older versions of on-premises databases to ATP
C. You can scale CPU up or down in ATP
D. You can scale storage up or down in ATP
E. You can add/remove Diskgroup in ATP
Answer: C,D
NO.7 You are about to upload log file (5 TiB size) to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure object storage and
have decided to use multipart upload capability for a more efficient and resilient upload.
Which two statements are true about multipart upload? (Choose two.)
A. The maximum size for an uploaded object is 10 TiB
B. While a multipart upload is still active, you cannot add parts even if the total number of parts is
less than 10,000
C. Individual object parts can be as small as 10 MiB or as large as 50 GiB
D. You do not have to commit the upload after you have uploaded all the object parts
Answer: A,C
NO.8 Which statement is true about Oracle Cloud Identifiers (OCID)?
A. If you delete a user, and then create a new user with the same name, the new user will be
assigned the exact same OCIDs as the system remembers.
B. mytenancy.oc.ocid is a valid OCID.
C. Users can customize OCIDs for all the resources in their compartments.
D. If you delete a user, and them create a new user with the same name, the user will be considered
a different user because of different OCIDs.
Answer: D
NO.9 In which language are Terraform and Terraform providers written?
A. Go
B. C
C. Ruby
D. Python
Answer: A
NO.10 Which three methods can you use to manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services? (Choose
A. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console
B. Command-line Interface
E. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Desktop Client
Answer: A,B,C

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