IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist (C2070-981)

IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist (C2070-981)

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Exam Code : C2070-981
Exam Name : IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist
Version : Demo
Question No: 1
A feature Pack has been applied to a Content Platform Engine (CPE). What must be done once the Feature Pack has been installed?
A. The CPE application must be restarted.
B. Nothing, does not affect CPE deployment.
C. The CPE archive file needs to be redeployed.
D. The jvm, hosting the CPE, must be restarted.
Answer: A
Question No: 2
An IBM FileNet Content Manager administrator is having issues with a system and needs to examine the log files to troubleshoot the issues. In which directory on the Content Platform Engine server will the sample log4j client and server configuration files be found?
A. FileNet\Config
B. FileNet\ContentEngine\config
C. FileNet\ContentEngine\samples
D. FileNet\Content Engine\config\samples
Answer: B
Question No: 3
After installing and configuring IBM Content Search Services, a specialist submits a test index job and monitors the job status using the Index Jobs Management tool in Administration Console for Content Platform Engine. After several minutes, the job status does not indicateprogress. Which log file is most likely NOT to contain useful information for resolving thisproblem?
A. IBM Content Search Services log files.
B. The p8_server_error.log file on the Content Platform Engineserver.
C. The application server log files on the IBM Content Navigator server.
D. The application server log files on the Content Platform Engine server.
Answer: A
Question No: 4

The system administrator for a large IBM FileNet Content Manager installation is seeing errors in the P8
error log during high volume times. The error is as follows on an IBM WebSphere Application Server V7:
Root Exception message:
CORBA NO_RESPONSE 0x4942fb01 Maybe; nested exception is: org.omg.
CORBA.NO_RESPONSE: Request 15 timed out vmcid: IBM minor code: B01 completed: Maybe
Connection not available while invoking method create Or Wait For Connection for resource
What can the system administrator do to correct the error?

A. Adjust the Fixed Content Device retention parameters.
B. Modify the Content Engine Web Service Transport (CEWS).
C. Increase the maximum connections for the JDBC connection pool.
D. Adjust the Lightweight Third Party Authentication (LTPA) parameters.
Answer: C
Question No: 5
During IBM FileNet Content Manager installation, IBM Content Search Services 64bit JVM environment is set with the default max heap size. The administrator needs to increase the indexable document file size from 60MB to 300MB. This requires an increase of the max heap size by updating the IA_MAX_HEAP_SIZE parameter. Which formula would be used to estimate the heap size?
A. 60MB + (heap memory-2GB)/8.3
B. 60MB + (heap memory + 2GB)/8.3
C. 60MB - (heap memory -2GB)/8.3
D. 60MB - (heap memory + 2GB)/8.3
Answer: A
Question No: 6
Which of the following steps is performed to enable log4j logging in Workplace XT?

A. Download and install log4j and restart Workplace XT.
B. Out of the box Workplace XT comes with log4j and is always enabled.
C. Workplace XT does not support log4j debugging. Itis used only for Content Platform Engine.
D. Rename the sample logging configuration file, to and restart Workplace XT.
Answer: D
Question No: 7
A company is ready to deploy their custom application, built on top of IBM FileNet P8, into production. The P8 administrator needs to use the FileNet Deployment Manager to accomplish this task. Defining the source environment is one of the first tasks that must be completed. What three half maps are included in every environment?
A. Property map, service map and user security map
B. Domain map, property map and user security map
C. Object store map, service map and security principal map
D. Domain map, object store map and security principal map
Answer: D
Question No: 8
A solution developer for a company has completed the design and initial testing of a custom IBM FileNet P8 application. The next step in the application development projects is to package the solution so it can be moved into QA for further testing. The solution developer will use FileNet Deployment Manager to create a Deploy Package that can be easily handed off to QA. What are the three main components of a Deploy Package?
A. Data half maps, deploy dataset, export manifest
B. Object store map, security principal map, service map
C. Source environment definition, data half maps, deploy dataset
D. Source and destination environment definitions, data half maps, deploy dataset
Answer: D

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