Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials (1Z0-591)

Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials (1Z0-591)

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Exam Code : 1Z0-591
Exam Name : Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite 11g Essentials
Version : Demo
Question No: 1
When a customer wants to get sales numbers by day, how is data stored in the Star Schema, if the data is loaded nightly?
A. The lowest level of aggregation
B. The highest level of aggregation
C. Multiple levels of aggregation
D. Independently from aggregation level
Answer: B
Question No: 2
The highest sales amount for this year is $10,000. If you create a rank measure for sales this year and display it on a report, the value will be________.
A. $10,000
B. 0
C. 1
D. Year
Answer: C Question No: 3
Which two components are required for all OBIEE installations?
A. Admin Server
B. RCU Schema
C. Managed Server
D. Node Manager
E. Oracle 11g
Answer: B,E
Question No: 4
The administration tool is the developer's interface to the repository file. It allows the development of and changes to the metadata repository file. Which statement is true?
A. Changes to the repository can only be carried out in offline mode.
B. Multiple developers can work on one repository at the same time.Results can be merged later on.
C. All aspects of security are being held in the repository file.
D. Opening the rpd.file in online mode results in performance Issues for the application user.
Answer: B
Question No: 5
Which installation option is used to install into an existing Fusion Middleware Home?
A. Software Only Install
B. Simple Install
C. Enterprise Install
D. Cannot install into an existing Fusion Middleware Home
Answer: A Question No: 6
What are the two methodologies that are followed within an OBIEE implementation?
A. Do not use prototypes
B. Use an iterative approach
C. Start with a small model and then enhance the repository
D. Start with a big repository and trim it down with the requirements
Answer: B,C
Question No: 7
Which option describes how OBIEE Integrates with Planning?
A. OBIEE primarily accesses Planning using standard Essbase integration techniques.
B. OBIEE provides complete access to all Planning data through the Analytic Data Model (ADM) layer.
C. Planning is not a supported OBIEE source.
D. OBIEE integrates with Planning directly through relational database access.
Answer: A,B
Question No: 8
What is an example of a Session Variable?
A. ETL Load Date
B. User Organization
D. Top Customers by Revenue
Answer: B
Question No: 9
Which option is used to enter the rank function when creating a new rank measure?
A. Initialization Block
B. Expression Builder
C. Connection Pool
D. Web Catalog
Answer: B
Question No: 10
Query limits tab can be accessed through________.
A. Security Manager, Query tab, Application role dialog box, Permissions
B. Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Query dialog box, Permissions
C. Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Application role dialog box, Permissions
D. Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Application role dialog box, Query Properties
Answer: C
Question No: 11
One of the most common uses of Dynamic Repository Variables is to setup filters for use in reporting. Which variable below is a valid example of a Dynamic Repository Variable?
A. Year
B. Month
C. Quarter
D. Current Month
Answer: D
Question No: 12
WLS Embedded LDAP Server is managed by the Admin Server Console and supports which three options?
A. Creating and Maintaining Users
B. Authentication and Authorization
C. Basic Directory for storing user details
D. Subject area and row-level security, connection pool passwords
E. Application of Session Variables as Data Filters
Answer: A,C,D

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